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  1. Morning Has Broken Me
  2. Gray Hair For Sale
  3. Sensitive
  4. Be My Linda
  5. Tra La Lane
  6. Dash For The Cash
  7. You Will
  8. Wait For It
  9. Marry Me
  10. Truth To Tell
  11. Nighttime Has Fallen Down
    Bonus Tracks (from the archives)
  12. The Stunner Rumbles (1983)
  13. Bikini Bowling Party (1987)
  14. Digital Love (2003)

Music and Lyrics by Howard Whitman
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by HW at Studio H, North Wales, PA
Mastered by
All Instruments and Vocals by HW
Stefanie Silverman–additional vocals on “Morning Has Broken Me” and “Be My Linda”
Frank Brigandi–all guitars on “Be My Linda”
Ian Whitman–drums on “Truth To Tell”
Nick Zikas–lead guitar on “Truth To Tell”
Doug LaSala–saxophone and backing vocals on “Bikini Bowling Party”
And featuring Toby the Cat
“Biking Bowling Party” engineered by Leslie Chew at Chestnut Sound Studios, Philadelphia
Frank, Ian and Nick recorded their tracks at their home studios
Artwork and photography by Stefanie Silverman,

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