A lifelong music enthusiast, Howard Whitman started recording his own compositions while in his teens. From his mid-1980s college band The Groovetones to his stint as vocalist/bassist with original progressive rock band Shadow Merchant to his current membership in professional tribute bands You Might Think (The Cars), Know Return (Kansas) and Fooling Ourselves (Styx), Howard has a long history of live performance, songwriting and recording activities. Now, in 2021, he has re-emerged as a solo artist with his first album of new material since 1987. The brand-new “However” CD features 11 new songs, written/recorded/performed (with guest artists) by Howard at home, along with 3 songs from his personal archives. We hope you enjoy this fun, eclectic, whimsical disc of melodic power-pop (with a few “psychedelic” touches here and there), however you choose to listen!

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